Monday, October 24, 2005

"An inordinate passion for pleasure is the secret of remaining young" Oscar Wilde

The man is right. It seems to me a stupid thing that we go back to the same well that seems to give us nothing but bitter water to swallow. All the warnings and words of others and none can't seem to hold us back from that which we have a desire for. In modern terms the chase.

Take our friend Doyle F. Sew. He is always in a bind from one to the next. Out of a five hour car ride into 2 second rollercoasters. He straps himself in, holding on until the ride inevitably flings him off effortlessly, as if he hadn't had a chance to begin with. All he ends up with is no prize, no cigar, and noone but a bruised ego. It's not like he's a bad driver, he's taken lessons from the best. Still the crash is inevitable, because it isn't that the driver is bad, it's that the car wasn't ready. The blustering ball of a boat ride seemed nothing but a good time in theory, but in practice proved to be bruise battering 8 rounds of boxing. He comes out golden, holding on to his seat belt only when he can but this is rare to even have a chance. A glimmer of light from tilted windows only under the brightest chances doesn't mean that there's air there.

And next old man Matthew B. Krumb. This poor guy's got no idea. He's blind as a bat under a heat lamp. Still his drive tells him that he's gotta keep walking as if something is chasing him down. Unfortunate. Driven blind by a freak accident involving his own chivalrous actions to save a sinking boat of friends on a stormy trip through the Bermuda, his own life did he almost forsake. Yet he survived, but as cruel fate would have it, now knows no other than the other. He can't see himself nor the walls and bricks in his way. He stumbles and he falls, walks up when he should be walking down, and turns left when the road goes right. He has no cane, no dog, no friend to help him because noone is left to help. The realities of life have hit him hard and he is just now learning to cope. But the obstacles don't keep him down, he keeps trucking. He doesn't know anyother way.

And then there's Kevin C. Shithead. Why Shithead as a moniker? because he is. What else do you call a doucherocket who keeps sticking his hand over the stove? He can feel, he can see, he can hear, he can learn. Still, shithead thinks that maybe this time he wont get burned. So douchebag, like a skipping CD decides to try it over and over again, mystified as to what the sensation is. Is he doing it wrong? Is there a certain way to hold your hand over the fire? How fast, how slow? No, he ALREADY knows how, he just doesn't see why it happens. But he does know why he does it. It's so that he'll stay warm. Shithead keeps burning himself because the room he stands in is cold as hell, and he wants to stay warm. And that is the pleasure that he pursues. That is the unending struggle for gratification, an almost obscene and incontinent drive for warmth.

OK, I'm done now. You probably don't know what any of that meant, but stream of consciousness, character projection, and blah was necessary for me to work a problem out in my head. Really, it's actually pretty thinly veiled if you know me.


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