Monday, October 31, 2005

"I believe in the brotherhood of all men, but I don't believe in wasting brotherhood on anyone who doesn't want to practice it with me. Brotherhood is a two-way street" Malcolm X

I never thought that I would be quoting from Malcolm X. Good lord. But he's got it right on this one. Why do I want to give and give when they don't give back. The personal afflictions of individuals seem to unduly influence someone who is supposedly my "brother." In fact, it almost seems as if calling someone my brother is a downgrade from friend. My friends are ones who do not let me down, who do not persecute me, and who are loyal. To me, because I have been colored by experiences that have tested my friendships in ways that most friendships will never be tested, I demand unyielding loyalty to be my friend. The polarizing forces in my history that have taken place has led me to believe that only this can prove to me friendship. To put it simply, when the going gets tough, and I mean really tough, who can you rely on? Because I reciprocate and then some. And still, not once but TWICE, by the brethren am I unjustly accused, am I unjustly targeted. And for what?

We pledged after the first accusation and subsequent review to personally handle any problems aside, man to man, face to face, and not hide behind the blanket of anonymity. My accuser stands behind the mask of committee and due process as opposed to what should be, with brothers, a reform (if necessary) through the bonds of brotherhood. This is the same actions that are being taken by those jealous of us and do they recognize this? No. The cowardice exemplified in these actions leads me to question my love and committment to something that is so essential to me, yet so lip-serviced by them. How can my brother be a coward? I have no such brother.


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