Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"I guess. I don't like this new precedent of voting against everything before we even know what it is. The "Republicrats" just bother me (They blend together now into the 'Annoying Party'. I would like to see the libertarians knock the republicans out of the picture. Personally, I feel they stand for what I consider the "old" conservative views of small government and individual rights and freedoms. Unfortunately, the republicans have drifted from their traditional values as have the democrats, which make it increasingly more difficult for me to stand with either party). The new party policies are "whatever the other guys do, we will stand against it." When was the last time both parties came to a productive agreement without mudslinging afterwards? When was the last time we heard "for the good of the country (I am referring to domestic issues specifically in this case)?" Kennedy? Definitely not, but it sure seems like it was that long ago. If they are a qualified
candidate, they can review them and then make their case against them. I swear- a daycare of screaming children is more civilized than the idiots in congress. In fact, Congress is a daycare and the babysitters are the party leaders trying to please everyone. I too am concerned about the possibility of the nominated judge's position on civil liberties issues, but there is a civilized manner to voice a disagreement. I would love to be in the position one day where both parties hate me because I won't consistently stand with one or the other. My only consistency would be to do what is best for the country and stand for what I believe is the right thing to do. Too idealistic? Maybe, but I can dream..."

From My Man,, the Legendary, the Hand, the G-Man, Smiley... etc today in an email about this story:

I agree with 98.3% of what he's saying. And I wish that it would be a little bit more like that with all leadership positions, including my fraternity.

On an update from the "Boss A" front, she's still hot, but she is being freaking ANNOYING, as if I was dating her or something. Good Lord, the tension in both of our voices is ridiculous in terms of one of us wanting to LASH out and kill each other.


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