Friday, June 24, 2005

So a proper introduction is in order I guess. Normally my first name then last name, then where I'm from, but anonimity is the warm blanket under which I'll stay because who knows what I'll say here. It's not that I'm a coward, it's just as they say, unnecessary drama. But I do go to Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA and F.I.L.A. (if you know what it means laugh). I am a fraternity guy in all the senses of the word, but only in the traditional and original intent of what the ideal is. I am all for the original intent of founders of all organizations. All things start off being good, with an ideal and a goal to attain, and at their heart remain that way; it is the people who forget.

Enough of that though. As of late, I've been doing some thinking which is why I am starting my blogging habit up again. I'm a senior now and I have this year to make what is obviously an important decision that for my own good. What do I do with my life after college? LSATs loom in October and I feel like a political cartoon I saw once as a kid during the SALT talks. It was a small but determined Jimmy Carter staring across the table at death incarnated as a giant ICBM with the world at stake in the center. It's such a ridiculous decision to be forced towards. Decide after a quarter of your predicted life to do something for at least another quarter of your life. Passion hasn't really entered into the equation. I am passionate about winning, friendship, sex, and other things but really, what else? Nothing as a career. I don't want to be the next person to make a medical breakthrough to cure cancer, or to even be something smaller like the next person to make the next jump in semiconductor technology. My goals are to make enough money to be comfortable, I want kids but much later (almost ten years), I want to be married sometime, I want a nice car, and later on, perhaps a small boat. They're simple enough goals, but they require time, money, and perseverence that I don't posess right now. Standing on a hill of my mountain of dreams, trying to tell myself it's not as hard, hard, hard as it seems. More to come.


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