Tuesday, June 28, 2005

So my boss is hot. And I don't mean just like a lukewarm beer hot I mean a smoldering burning bush hot. And she's in her early to mid thirties and single. It's really amazing. The thing is, it seems as if she's only recently grown into this because I've seen her past pictures from college, and she used to be a neon blonde with curly hair, but now it's a pleasant mild blonde with some brown highlights.

Needless to say, it makes my job a little bit easier and harder. Easier in the sense that when I wake up, I sort of look forward to our morning meeting. Harder in the sense that this blonde little number didn't get to where she is now because she's hot but rather because she works like a fiend. I mean she hits the ground running, no coffee, and just ready to go full of energy (God, lot's of energy...). She is literally bouncing around on her desk getting stuff done left and right multi-tasking to the finest detail. Unfortunately, in her career, she has definitely developed her own workstyle and sense of organization that works for her, but not necessarily for me. She references things that we haven't talked about for a day or two in the middle of my thought processes or tasks and expects me to remember what the hell she's talking about when I'm ankle deep in USB cords and drowning under a storm of design ideas. Not only that, she'll throw about 20 things at me at once, and being the kind of guy that I am, I don't ask what she specifically wants of them but rather try and be intuitive. It ends up she has a clear cut idea of what she wanted, without any REAL input from me, even if she asks for it.

Now back to her being hot. I'm getting the "hot for teacher thing" because of the things we talk about offhand (we have a very informal casual relationship because that's how we like to roll). Seriously, I came into it knowing she was hot and I like to keep a very professional atmosphere where I work especially since my mealticket comes out of there. Just to describe the Hot Boss and what makes her tick, I recently found out that she has a psychology degree. A woman with a psychology degree... that's pure evil. Not only was she born intuitive and hot, she studied that shit in college for four years and is a certified expert in headshrinking and manipulation. Not fair. Whenever she makes certain comments seeming ever so harmless such as "You know I don't think that dating between [management and employees] isn't allowed really. There's no written rule," it makes me cringe because I just have no clue what the hell she means. Additionally, it doesn't help that I've met her ex-boyfriends and they are literally, mirror images of me.

But at the end of the day, no matter how pissed off I am at her, and no matter how much she's frustrating me with the communication breakdowns, I just watch her shimmy on down to my office or watch her pick a pen up off of the floor; then, I am content again.


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