Wednesday, June 29, 2005

"If it's natural to kill, how come men have to go into training to learn how?" - Joan Baez

This fucking hippie. A little bit about this love child: The daughter of a Mexican PK (pastor's kid) and a English-Scottish PK it seems as if the trend of PK's being retarded or insanely misbehaved continues a generation even further. This mongrel of a child aparantly formed her theories of what is natural human behavior as a child:

"My devotion to non-violence and social change formed long before I picked up a ukulele and will go on until I fall into the grave."

If it is natural not to kill but rather to be non-violent, then why does it require "devotion" to stick to? It seems to me that something that requires as much effort and concentration as to become devoted to something seems extremely unnatural, like learning how to use the bathroom and not just piss where you stand. Moreover, she picked up the ukulele at age 11. So you're telling me that you had Kant beat to the punch where it came to social theory before the age of 11? She knew in her heart, almost implying that it is innate, something that she was born with, that non-violence was the true state of human nature. Not that I agree with Kant, it's just that I've never heard of this genius of social theory. And to think, all Kant had to do was to be born with parents who dropped some acid while they were with child because they were lashing out at their pastor father who hadn't shown them the attention and love they desired as children.

Or did it have nothing to do with her parents? Could it simply be a case of hippie-style parenting coupled with a childhood full of people discriminating against her and hurling racial slurs her way? She could just be speaking out against the hurtful words and violence that had harmed her self-esteem as a child. Whatever it is, I'm always going to stick to my guns on 99% of retard celebrities like her, particularly the ones from the 60's and 70's; they should never open their pretty little mouths about politics. Case in point, Hanoi Jane.

Let me help you understand what human nature is. Human nature is desparation, that which obviously you have never experienced. To quote Batman Begins, which is by the way, an amazing movie, "You've never tasted desperate." And if you've never tasted being poor, I don't respect your take on things like human nature, the way it is in the real world, or pretty much any issue that really matters. You can tell me what a woman feels, but don't try and tell me about human nature when you've never been poor, desparate, and hungry. Why does the man who mugs people mug them? Because he can't flip burgers? Or because robbing someone and breaking the law is easier? You're telling me, that without laws, penalties, and enforcement that you would work rather than rob? Bullshit. If there were no laws, as there were in the original natural state which she is referencing, there would literally be chaos. It's the bigger man wins against the smaller man. I aint sticking a flower in the hair of some cro-magnon bastard and expect him to understand and not eat my ears for lunch.

Now let me tell you why we train people to fight. To be efficient killers. Sure, I could kill you in 20 stabs of a knife, but why do that when I can kill you in 1? Additionally, I concede that modern warfare is unnatural. It was not in the nature of man to look down metal sights at an object 1000 yds away and pull a trigger which in your mind, you know a bullet will kill the target, but in reality, you wont really know until you've seen it up close. Furthermore, modern warfare creates chaos at an unnatural rate. Things are exploding around you, there are machines tanks and mines. Most of the training that occurs is to ready your mind to overcome the psychological obstacles to killing efficiently, whether that be the socially created concept of guilt, or facing a 10 ton tank with just a rocket launcher.

Screw these idealistic pussies and their concepts of natural man being that of cooperation and peace towards a greater goal. Bullshit. I have no doubt in my mind that the first form of cooperation only occured to kill something that someone could not do by themselves, whether that is a wooly mammoth or to wage war. War is a natural occurance and cannot EVER be eliminated. Sure, education and social norms can shape a person into conforming, but all that really amounts to is coersion through guilt. People periodically breakthrough those shackles with all of their pent up anger and fury, usually with catastrophic results. Point: genocide in Rwanda, Holocaust, any largescale War. Your natural instinct is self-preservation and retribution for some perceived notion of pride and self-worth. I'd like to see Joan Baez in all her hippie glory after she gets mugged or gangbanged in Compton.

This is why these idealist bastards can't make anything stick. The treaties that are based on concepts of a twisted reality where people and countries will be accountable for themselves are ridiculous. You're telling me this belligerent bastard named Germany with Nationalistic and Imperialist ambitions is going to walk home with their tail between their legs, admit their guilt as the aggressor, and pay you back an indemnity that is 1000 times their GDP? Why cause they recognize their guilt and want to be a better nation? So you think that this Red bastard is going to stop building nukes all on his own accord and squash his own ambitions and visions of grandeur because he cares that his citizens put Calista Flockhart to shame? Get real. In everything, there always is a winner and always a loser. In your precious nature, someone dies, and someone eats. Your prey isn't going, "Oh, I'm so glad I could provide my ass to you so you could live," or "I'm so glad to be going back to Mother Earth to contribute to the greater world." No they're saying, "Oh Fuck!" Goddamn hippies.


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