Monday, June 27, 2005

A fraternity brother of mine traveled up to the good town of Roswell, which according to a recent assessment by a major newsmagazine is the 14th most habitable town in the nation, and visited the parents of one of his friend's friends. There they have a good time and relax, or as some idiots like to say "chillax", under the hospitality of pleasant Roswellians. However, it is during this time of relaxation they meet Lolita A, the youngest daughter of the hosts they are staying with. At the ripe old age of 14 years, Lolita A is straight out of some cheap Amsterdam porn flick. The girl who would have interested Roman Polanski rather than Harold from Harold and Maude, turns out to be this GIGANTIC slut in training. The little hobag is whispering things into my buddy's ear and showing her commanding grasp of the sexual wordbank. Begging him not to leave, she promises him that it will be "worth his while" and informs him how spooge looks in her hair. She also finds the time to talk about the boy down the street who is in love with this Lolita as she once gave him the reacharound on the bus. GOOD GOD! 14! Of course the fraternity brother says, that he obviously couldn't have done her, but God, she had a banging body and those braces... well.

Needless to say, I couldn't help but think about my sister (17) and the sisters of my friends. And I ask myself, "Self, what is this younger generation coming to?" But then I realize something: I was the bastard getting the girls to do that at 14. 13 was the ripe old age where I got my first humdinger and the girl couldn't have been older than I was. So in reality, I was transforming this girl into another Lolita A. So am I a bastard? Hell no. That shit felt great. Additionally, it was consensual between 2 minors and it's not like she turned out to be some slutbag later on in life because of our experience... I hope. I just hope my sister, who is as honest with me as I think a sister can be to her brother isn't a slutbag. Word on the high school street is that she's a sweet girl who hasn't even smoked a cigarette in her life. Thank God.


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